Race 2 – Castle Combe – History is made!

July 24th, 2011 by alisonpepler.

History was made in the second race of the 4two cup in what was a highly entertaining race.

Pole-sitter David Moore made a good start with Tom Mills behind.  But it was Nigel Moore from the back of the grid that had a lightening getaway and by Quarry was already upto 3rd.

By the end of the first lap he was upto 2nd and Tom had to do battle with another Moore, this time, Sarah.

On what was a ding dong battle throughout the race, the Moore brothers each took the lead several times, Nigel going up the inside at Quarry, but ultimately losing out at Camp Corner.

With them battling, the gap closed between Tom and Sarah to the leaders.  The female racer braked late into Quarry and went up the inside of Tom.  Despite being side by side heading to the Esses, Tom was unable to keep her at bay and a few laps later Tom retired due to a lack of fuel.  This meant Sarah was free to join in the battle between her brothers.

At the finish line it was David that took his second win of the weekend with Nigel 0.285 seconds behind.  Sarah took the final step to make history as the first family to take all the steps of a podium in a race.

David just managed to keep his brother behind him:  ‘Nigel was behind me from the first lap and throughout the race.  We both had a bit of trouble with the cars going into limp mode, so sometimes he was infront of me and I was chasing and vice versa.  We made it entertaining and it was a close battle.’

Nigel had a good race despite missing out on the top step:  ‘I started from the back but got a good start and then battled with my brother.  The car went into limp mode which kept costing me, but I nailed him back under at Quarry.  I’d love to do another race as it was such a good weekend and the first time our family has raced in the same class.’

Sarah admitted she didn’t start very well:  ‘I had a rubbish start, Nigel came flying through and then I was battling with Tom for ages.  He then made a mistake and I caught up with my brothers and battled with them for the last few laps.  Everybody thinks the smart cars are going to tip over, but they don’t and they’re just great fun to race.’

1. David Moore

2.  Nigel Moore

3.  Sarah Moore

4.  Sarah Franklin

5.  James Palmer

6.  Andrew O’Dell

7.  David Nash

8.  Paul Bates


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