Smart Big Brakes 300mm

Please note this kit has been designed to fit perfectly inside the Brabus 16” Rims.
These brakes are available for the ForTwo 451. We are at present making and testing the brackets for the 450 and Roadster
these will be available shortly

The caliper has also been designed to suit the size, the weight and the bore of the master cylinder in small cars. Hence 4 pot calipers and not 6 pot calipers, we found that with the 6 pot calipers we trialled gave far too much pedal travel and a spongy feel. The calipers include high temp. seals and are fully dust sealed to cope with road conditions. They are CNC machined from billet bar and have hard anodised aluminum Pistons.

The rotors are drilled and vented to aid brake cooling and gas build up between the pad and the caliper, also helps with continuos pad deglazing. These come with our Bells machined to fit our rotors.

Our brackets are machined from a single piece of aluminum to a perfect size to allow easy fitting of the calipers, with out the use of ugly spacers and washes.

Braided hoses are made by us using stainless steel Braided hose swaged on to high grade stainless steel fitments and have a protective outer coating in clear or coloured.

The wheel bolts we supply are made from high tensile steel and chrome plated, with an option of cone seat of flat seat, choose carefully to match the wheel on your vehicle.

The Kit Includes.

  • 2 x vented Rotors drilled and grooved to our design
  • 2 x Hats / Bells in choice of colours
  • 2 x 4 pot billet calipers with dust seals in choice of colours
  • Set of Ferodo Road Pads (Optional upgrades available)
  • 2 x Aluminum machined brackets and fixing bolts
  • 2 x Braided hoses in a choice of colours
  • 6 x Chromed wheels bolts in choice of style
  • 1 x Fitting instructions

Calipers are available in the following colours.

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Silver

The Bell / Hats are available in

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Gold

Price £870 + VAT + P&P

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