the 4two cup V the smart cup, Spa Belgium

October 21st, 2011 by alisonpepler.

Last weekend we took 7 of the 4two cup cars out to Spa to race with the Belgium and French cars. What can I say… A great weekend was had by all. The sun was shinning all weekend, the racing was great and the entertainment was spot on. Here is a race report from Sarah Moore and a great comment from Ben Constanduros.

Well it might of been a last minute deal, but what a weekend it was! Changing positions every corner on every lap.
Qualifying was hard because I had never been round the track before, except from maybe a couple of times on the playstation, but its not the same! But i still managed to qualify 3rd, 2nd and 1st out of 21 cars which I was very happy with to say that a lot of the drivers had been round there before.
The first race was a close battle for 2nd as Silvano got away from the start and I ended up battling with David Di Costa, Ben and my little brother. But I managed to pull a gap in second whilst the other three drivers were battling for 3rd. But there was too much of a gap for me to catch up to Silvano, so i settled for 2nd.
The second race was a battle for the first corner as my brother started next to me in first position, but I managed to mess up the start by changing up a gear slightly to early, which meant I dropped back to about 8th. So I took a chance going into the first corner and went flying up the inside, locking all brakes up and just missing Silvano by inches! But that put me back in the battle for 3rd with my brother, Silvano and Ben. But with my brother lacking a bit of straight line speed I managed to pass him and pull away into second with Silvano not much further in front. Unfortunately I didn’t quite have the pace to catch him up. So yet again I had to settle for 2nd!
In the third race I was more determined than ever to win as I was starting on Pole and had the inside line into the first corner. I tried my hardest to try and hold everyone back before the first corner so I could pull a bit of a gap, but Silvano managed to stay on my back and we battled all the way to the end of the race, changing positions at just about every corner on every lap. With Silvano having just that little bit more top end speed I knew that he would be able to pass me down the straights , the only way I could get him was into corners as I knew I had better brakes. Unfortunately Silvano managed to get past me going up Eau Rouge and pulled a bit of a gap, it was on this lap he managed to set his fastest laps and he had pulled enough of a gap to keep his position. I was happy that I was able to keep up with him as he was the fastest driver round the track.

All in all I think it was probably one of the most enjoyable weekends I have had. Definitely the closest racing i’ve had in a long time. If only James had listened to my advice then maybe we could of had a couple more of us Brits up the front. Hopefully I will be out again for Brands hatch and show Silvano how its done.

A big thanks to James and Paul and my Mum and Dad for getting me out, it was a great weekend.

Sarah Moore Tockwith Motorsports

‘To Race at Spa has always been a dream since it was the first F1 i remember visiting. In never thought I would fulfil the ambition in a Smart car but what a great week. The atmosphere with the benelux teams was great both on track and off, and I think I am even a little addicted to the little things!

Ben Constanduros



  1. PAul ( November 6, 2012 at 4:21 pm )

    What were the lap times?
    I’d like to compare to a stock roadster-coupe.