Saturday Test at Goodwood

November 15th, 2010 by alisonpepler.

We spent the day testing the car on it’s new tyres. New in every way, Size and make. What an amazing difference this has made to the car. Making the tyres smaller means we can get the car lower and closer to the track, giving us the ability to play with the suspension and ride height even more. We had quite a few potential clients out in the car and none of them could believe the stability and grip levels being generated. I think we managed to upset a few drivers in there much more expensive and powerful Super cars, too the point that they would not let us pass. But point proved, the car is very well balanced and with enough grip to have a hell of a lot of fun.

Looking forward to Race Car Live now… See you there…

III_9179_SMIII_9093_SMAAD_1322_SMADV_2887_SMEarls_Court_Retouch_SMsmarts car at GoodwoodADV_2886_SM


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