Rockingham Race Report

April 12th, 2013 by alisonpepler.

Belgians Rule at Rockingham.

The first UK race for season 3 of the 4two cup took place last weekend at Rockingham. It seemed to be the first weekend of the year that offered sunshine and a slightly warm track.

It is the first time the smart cars have raced on the modified oval at Rockingham as well as the first time we had raced with a shared grid on our new package with the BRSCC.

Races one and two were shared with the Arrowpak Euro saloons and Sportscars. This seemed a daunting task and we knew would make for some interesting racing as up the front of the grid was full race spec Saker’s and the extremely fast Nigel moore in his Ginetta G50. With a rolling start all cars got away cleanly and a good battle ensued for the first two laps with all the 4two cup cars swapping places. Soon the pack settled and Theo Berg in his Belgian spec car took the lead closely followed by David De Coster and Ashley Craig in his UK spec car. By lap 4 the leading Sakers were soon on us with flashing lights, they were coming through… Silvano Caira had some great spins whilst chasing down James Palmer in the JC motorhomes sponsored car, but soon settled in to the groove and made up for lost time moving himself in to fourth by the end of the race.

Final Positions.

    1. Theo Berg
    2. David De Coster
    3. Ashley Craig
    4. Silvano Caira
    5. David Nash
    6. Paul Bates
    7. James Plamer
    8. Rob baker
    9. Damien Verleyen
    10. Chris Gill


Race 2
Again a great start by everyone, the cars carried a lot of speed around turn one and now was time to see how many smart cars can go around Deene. With the five lead cars jostling for position all the way from Yentwood and down the Steel straight. Ashley Craig was pushed to the inside and jumped the kerb at Gracelands knocking off his oil filter and laying oil on the track down to Tarzan. The following cars were left with the challenge of a slippery surface. The race then settled down with Theo Berg taking the chequered flag for the second time.

Final Positions.

    1. Theo Berg
    2. David De Coster
    3. Silvano Caira
    4. David Nash
    5. Rob Baker
    6. Damien Verleyen
    7. Paul Bates
    8. James Palmer
    9. Chris Gill
    10. Ashley Graig (DNF)


Race 3.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon the smarts then joined the back of the grid of the Alfashop Alfa Romeo championship for race 3. With a standing start and a 25 minute race, again there was the lead cars fighting for the lead which again soon settled down up the front with Theo Berg, David De Coster and Silvano Caira. The battle for fourth was hotting up nicely with David Nash, Damien Verleyen, Paul Bates and James Palmer. Four laps in Damien lost control going in to Brook Chicane and went airborne over the kerbs taking out the tyre barrier and closely missing the following cars of Paul Bates and James Palmer. The battle for fourth carried on until lap 9 when David Nash pulled to the left with a tyre problem.

Final Positions.

1       Theo Berg
2      David De Coster
3      Silvano Caira
4      Paul Bates
5      David Nash
6      James Palmer
7      Chris Gill
8      Damien Verleyen (DNF)
9      Rob Baker (DNF)

 Next race: 4th – 5th May Mettet, Belgium.




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