Race update from Mettet, Belgium

May 6th, 2013 by alisonpepler.

Race update from Mettet.
Great weather and friendly Belgium hospitality greeted us at Mettet .
A circuit that all the drivers like the early pace setter was Silvano Cairo racing david DeCostas green 451, closely followed by James Palmer in the number 3 JC Motorhomes car.
Martin Clatworthy qualified 3rd with D Verleyen 4th and Rob Baker 5th with the sole 450 of Frederic Scory 6th. Both Theo Van Den Berg and Ashleigh Craig struggled with technical problems.
2nd section of qualifying saw Rob Baker Improve to 3rd while 444 D Verleyen/ J PH Beguin remained a steady 4th Martin Clatworthy 5th this time and Frederick Scory run ing in 6th . Again 12 Ashleigh Craig and Theo Van De Berg failed to put in times both struggling with turbo boosting issues.
Race 1 saw a dice at the start from James Palmer and Silvano Cairo with Silvano showing consistent great pace to keep James at bay. Lower down the grid from the back of the grid G & M’s 12 car now with the technical issues mainly ironed out but down on overall power stormed through to a very well deserved 4th by the end of the race, third place went to number 444 D Verleyen, with a 5th place going to well driven “Birthday Boy” Martin Clatworthy with the 462 of Rob Baker 6th with a suspected turbo over boost issue, and finally the sole 450 entry of Frederick Scory putting in at 7th , Theo van De Berg retired soon after the start with continued turbo over boosting issues with the 461 S Mann entry.

Race 2 saw a great start by Number 3 James Palmer who beat the green Car of Silvano to the first bend but after a few turns Cairo got past James Palmer and despite a few out of shape moments kept Palmer behind despite Palmer putting in a great drive and was not to be denied his second win of the day.
The real race for most of crowd was a thrilling dice between a hard charging Ashley Craig in the G & M car and an on form Rob Baker in the 462 car. Whilst Baker was running on Continental tyres and a Belgium spec Bilstein suspension set up he was clearly also up on horse power to the G & M car, but a persistent Craig got past Baker mid race to grab third. Baker was not giving up however and the pair duelled right to the penultimate lap when Rob spun at the final bend, he however recovered to get back past the 444 entry and finish a well deserved 4th. Martin Clatworthy had to pit with fuel issues leaving 6th place to the 450 of Frederick Scory.


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