Ladies Day – A different sort of horsepower

March 15th, 2011 by alisonpepler.

Smarts4youRacing invited some of the UK’s top female racers to test the new smart racecar at a revamped Donington Park circuit in Leicestershire. Despite the very cold weather, the ladies all seemed pretty impressed with the diminutive car and a few were keen to test it again.

17 year old racer Jade Paveley was the youngest ever driver to take part in a UK 24 hour race and seemed quite taken with the BRABUS.

“It’s a good little car, different to what I’ve driven before, but quite powerful for its size.  I’d like to have a go again as I really enjoyed driving it!”

Jo Polley is used to racing Minis, but found the smart quite different to drive.

“It’s really good to drive and different to anything I’ve ever driven before, being rear wheel drive and also having a paddle shift gear gearbox.  It sticks to the track, handles nicely and even though it doesn’t have a lot of power it’s still quite nippy!”

Cassey Watson has raced quite an array of different cars and last year was driving another small racer, the Fiat Abarth.

“I really enjoyed driving it and it’s a fun little car, great fun!  The brakes are fantastic and there is an unbelievable amount of grip.  Last year I was driving the Abarth, which I would say is most similar as a car, but it does behave a lot differently. Obviously it’s a lot smaller and has a shorter wheelbase, but the handling is very good compared to a lot of things I’ve driven.”

With a few of the ladies keen to test the car again and with plenty of media interest in the day, Paul at smarts4youracing was pleased with how things went.

“The ladies day in my opinion went very well, even though we had a very sick car and the other had a problem. All the ladies seemed to be very surprised by the car; the speed, handling and the brakes. At least 5 have asked to test the car again and that tells you something!”


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