Final race report of the Season Brands Hatch 29th September

October 2nd, 2013 by alisonpepler.

Brands Hatch 29th September 2013 Race Report

The last scheduled Smarts4you Racing/the4twocup meeting of 2013

A well organized affair saw this year’s end of season event with a really strong field of cars entered, despite the lack of any Belgian entries, we saw the return of Jake Jackson, Howard Kayman as well as a fresh face, Dirk Smits, racing the 461 S-Mann liveried car normally raced by Theo Berg. The Smart Village was set up in the outer paddock on the Saturday afternoon by the Smarts4you Racing team and it looked fantastic with all the cars under their individual awnings, everyone pitched in including the unsung hero’s, the staff from Dipstick’s garage, owned by James Palmer, who work behind the scenes in preparing the arrive and drive entries and whose continued efforts definitely deserve a mention. With set up done and all the cars ready for the morning, it was time to spark up the BBQ, relax and have a catch up with all the drivers and their guests. The morning saw the remaining drivers arrive and with the cars all ready to go, the scrutineering done, without problems, it was set to be a good days racing.

Qualifying was at 10am on a damp track alongside the Honda Civics who were racing with us, Chris Gill who was racing the Class 2, 450 car with the Pure Smart team was caught out at Paddock Hill with a short trip to the gravel trap but easily recovered and was straight back out on track with only a short delay. There was strong performances from a season improved David Nash in his own number 7 car as well as James Palmer in the number 3 JC Motorhomes car and Paul Bates in “Earl” the green and black number 2 Smarts4you Racing car but it was Ashley Craig, G&M Motor company’s driver who took pole position in the number 6 Spacewise car after some last minute engine problems sidelined the number 12 G & M entry just day’s before the race.

Best lap time on a damp track was a respectable 1.05.642 by Ashley Craig. Qualifying positions were as follows: –

  1. Ashley Craig in the number 6 Spacewise car
  2. David Nash in his own number 7 car
  3. James Palmer in the number 3 JC Motorhomes car
  4. Paul Bates in the Smarts4you Racing number 2 car
  5. Jake Jackson in the number 9 Pure D-Zign/Smarts4you Racing car
  6. Howard Kayman in the number 10 Trader Containers car
  7. Dirk Smits in the number 462 S-Mann car
  8. Rob baker in the number 461 S-Mann/S2 Smarts car
  9. Martyn Clatworthy in his own number 11 Ski St. Martin car
  10.  Chris Gill in the only class 2, number 27 Pure Smart car

Mark Bloomfield of Fudge Smart was hoping to have his 450 car ready but unfortunately did not quite manage this meeting but it will be ready for next season bringing more excitement for the 450 class 2 cars.

Race 1 – Following the green flag formation lap, the start saw the pole sitter Craig not make the best get away and he dropped straight to 5th before paddock hill bend. Palmer, who had a good start, was closely followed by Jackson, with Nash in 3rd and Bates in 4th. With an almost dry track except a few damp patches, times were dropping and Palmer out in front had his hands full keeping Jackson at bay. Nash was holding a strong 3rd, Craig was setting about catching and passing bates for 4th, just behind, Smits was fast finding his feet in his first ever Smart Car race keeping team mate Baker behind with Gill running strong in his 450 entry. Unfortunately Kayman had to pull out after half the distance with technical issues. The race was tight up front with Jackson trying his best to find a way past Palmer, the front running Honda Civics at around 6-7 seconds a lap faster were beginning to catch the Smarts making it challenging for the smart drivers whilst allowing the faster Hondas past but trying not to lose time to the other Smarts they were racing. As the laps rolled on, Craig managed to pass Nash after Paddock Hill and set about trying to catch the front pair. Although Craig was the fastest car, his poor start had left him too much to do and not enough laps to catch the front runners, in the last minute Smits found the confidence to pass Bates on the final corner and Palmer managed to hold off Jackson to take the chequered flag.

Fastest lap was Craig in the number 6 Spacewise car with a time of 1.03.164

Race 1 results were as follows: –

  1. James Palmer
  2. Jake Jackson
  3. Ashley Craig
  4. David Nash
  5. Dirk Smits
  6. Paul Bates
  7. Rob Baker
  8. Martyn Clatworthy
  9. Chris Gill


Race 2 – The starting grid was as per the results from race 1. Palmer and Jackson started well and again were out front from the start with Nash in 3rd, an ever improving Smits was immediately up to 4th also after a good start, Craig was in 5th followed by Bates, baker, Kayman, Clatworthy and Gill. As the first lap ended, Jackson got a great run into Paddock Hill, a move which started at Clearways and he managed to pass Palmer on the outside, Nash was holding 3rd with consistent lap times and the battle behind was between Smits and Craig. By mid race Craig was snapping at the heels of Smits who had a moment after entering Paddock Hill too hot, he managed to avoid spinning by the skin of his teeth but Craig managed to get past him despite having to brake heavily to take avoiding action. Smits regained his composure and set about Craig again, Craig lost out within 2 laps after the Hondas coming through meant he lost some momentum allowing them past, Smits was better placed in the traffic and therefore managed to get past Craig again to retake 4th, the pair continued to race hard for the remaining laps, Smits had another moment on Paddock Hill again requiring some evasive action by Craig but despite all this they were to finish in this order.Up front Palmer and Jackson were still closely battling with the traffic allowing Palmer to close in on Jackson and get ahead at various times, however Jackson managed to get past and hold onto the lead to take a well-earned chequered flag.Howard Kayman once again had to pull out early due to the technical issues with his car.

Fastest lap was Jackson in the number 9 Pure D-Zign/Smarts4you Racing car with a 1.02.389

Race 2 results were as follows: –

  1. Jake Jackson
  2. James Palmer
  3. David Nash
  4. Dirk Smits
  5. Ashley Craig
  6. Paul Bates
  7. Rob Baker
  8. Martyn Clatworthy
  9. Chris Gill

Overall the whole day was excellent and the crowds were rewarded with fun, exciting and close racing. Racing on the same grid as the Honda Civics added another twist to the racing, how everyone managed to deal with the traffic and with the speed differential not being massive, it made the racing much more challenging and yet more fun for all concerned. Some of the Civic cup drivers came over and congratulated Smarts4you Racing on the courtesy and professional attitude of the drivers, which is always great to hear.

The Smarts 4you Racing team would like to thank all this years teams and their drivers as well as their family and friends – David Nash Privateer, Martyn Clatworthy of Ski St. Martin, Rob Baker of S2 Smarts, Theo Berg, Dirk Smits and Imro Penders of S-Mann, Geoff Hall and Ashley Craig of G& M Motorcompany, Chris Gill of Pure Smart, Jake Jackson, Howard Kayman as well as Silvano Caira and the Belgian drivers of the Smart cup. Between you all, with your enthusiasm, friendly and fun but professional attitudes, the fact that we have so much fun together at the events, the way that all the drivers and teams help each other is something which we value greatly and what makes this series so great and definitely how we want to continue and grow in the future.

A special thanks to the very generous sponsors, Joyce and John of JC Motorhomes for supplying as well as transporting some of their amazing luxury motorhomes to venues in the UK as well as around Europe, they make the lives of the Smarts4you Racing team so much easier and we are forever grateful.

Thanks also to all the other generous sponsors of the Smarts4you Racing series and people/companies who have helped in some way who are 1st Containers, Spacewise, Trader containers, Specialized group, Pure D-Zign, Fudge Smarts, Sascho and Mike of Smart car specialist, Smart, Evans water coolants, Hankook and Ram Records.

We would also like to thank the Smart Racing club and all our other supporters for their continued support come rain or shine, it is a joy to see so many of you make the effort to come and watch us and get involved.

And so on to 2014

It is our intention next year that after 3 years of being a race series, we would like to become a full UK Championship, we aim to bring in more entries to reduce costs for all of us, we are encouraging more 450 cars and also looking to allow roadsters to race too. We are as enthusiastic and passionate about this series as ever and we look forward to welcoming you all back for the 2014 seasons racing as well as welcoming new entrants and new sponsors into what we are aiming to make our best ever season so far.

And Finally, we are planning one more UK additional race on October 26th with 4-5 cars entering as 1 team for the “Birkett” endurance race at Silverstone. We would love to hear from any drivers that are keen to participate. Please contact before 7th October to avoid disappointment, as we are limited on numbers.


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