Brands Hatch Race Report

May 6th, 2014 by alisonpepler.

Brands Hatch Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th April 2014 Race report

With the4twocup joining the 750 Motor Clubs Stock Hatch race, Saturday morning was going to prove a challenge. Qualifying at 10.30am on a damp, cold, slippery track was always going to be difficult, even so, off we went only to see a few of the Stock Hatch cars and Mark Bloomfield (better known as Fudge) spinning down Paddock Hill, everyone was tip toeing around the slippery circuit trying to find some grip. 3 laps in and Simon Horrobin had a spectacular fire with 10 foot flames coming from the back of the car and dropping oil onto an already slippery surface, the pack soon settled down and managed to get in some quick laps.

Qualifying results

  1. Jake Jackson in the number 19 Smarts4youRacing/Pure D-Zign car
  2. James Palmer in the number 44 JC Motorhomes car
  3. Martyn Clatworthy in the number 11 Ski St Martin car
  4. Paul Bates in the number 2 Smarts4youRacing car
  5. Alan Palmer in the number 10 Trader Containers car
  6. Mark Bloomfield in the number 69 Fudge Smart car
  7. Simon Horrobin in the number 14 Specialized car
  8. Ian Weir in the number 96 Fudge Smart car

Race 1

By 2pm the track was dry and the sun was out. The start of the race was fast and furious with the cars spinning down paddock hill and the lead smarts getting right in amongst the pack of Stock Hatch cars. Paul Bates and James Palmer were 2 abreast all the way down Clearways with Jake Jackson hot on their heels. Coming into paddock hill, Jake dived down the inside and exited in the lead, Bates past James Palmer exiting Graham Hill and putting a gap between them going up to Clearways.  Martyn Clatworthy soon caught up with James Palmer and the battles for 1st, 2nd and 3rd commenced. Paul chased down Jake for the remainder of the race, closing the gap but could not catch the super-fast Jake through the traffic. James was ahead of Martyn for the majority of the race but the very determined Martyn was more aggressive through the slower Saxo’s and managed to catch James and with a slick manoeuvre he overtook James and pushed on for 3rd place. Alan Palmer in only his 3rd Smart car race held on for 5th with Fudge settling for 6th and Ian Weir in his 1st ever race in 7th.

Race 1 results

  1. Jake Jackson
  2. Paul Bates
  3. Martyn Clatworthy
  4. James Palmer
  5. Alan Palmer
  6. Mark Bloomfield
  7. Ian Weir

Non Starter: Simon Horribin

Fastest Lap was done by Paul Bates 1.03.03

Race 2

Straight from lights out the race action started, Paul Bates got a great start and by Paddock Hill had taken the lead and was well into the mix of the Stock Hatch cars, Jake Jackson was next with Martyn Clatworthy and James Palmer hot on their heels. On lap 2 James Palmer dived down the inside into Graham Hill and took the lead, Jake and Martyn were rubbing door handles around Clearways and the race was on. Lap 4 saw the turn of Jake Jackson taking the lead with a brave dive down the inside of all 3 Smart cars in to Paddock Hill. Martyn got caught with the slower Saxo’s and dropped back. Jake Jackson extended his lead from Paul Bates and James Palmer who diced for second place all the way to the chequered flag with Paul managing to catch James coming out of Surtees on the last lap, Martyn managed to hold of Alan Palmer to take 4th place.

Race 2 results

  1. Jake Jackson
  2. 2. Paul Bates
  3. James Palmer
  4. Martyn Clatworthy
  5. Alan Palmer
  6. Mark Bloomfield
  7. Ian Weir

Fastest lap was done by Jake Jackson 1.02.76


Jake Jackson (driver) said it was so nice to see the Smarts getting in a level playing field and fantastic to take both wins

Tim Dickson (supporter) said “I have been attending The4twocup for a couple of years and I have one word which sums it up…Awesome! The Smarts4youRacing team are great, the cars are great and there is such a great atmosphere around the Smart Village”

Smarts4you Racing would like to thank as always our wonderful sponsors JC Motorhomes and Trader Containers, as well as all the drivers, family, friends and the Smart Racing Club supporters.

Next race is on Bank Holiday Monday 26th May at Snetterton where we will be welcoming Richard Goulds making his debut in a Smart Roadster, let’s hope the roadster of can make it so we can have the 2 of them battling it for their class lead. See you all soon


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