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Donington test day

February 25th, 2014 by alisonpepler.

At least its dry at donington. With the smart roadster making its first ever test. Jc motorhomes out on track with trader, Specialized and G and M.

More news later

First test of 2014

February 24th, 2014 by alisonpepler.

Cars are loaded, bags are packed and we are now on the M25 towards Donington park for the first test of 2014.
We have had a long winter of repairing and prepping cars for the new season. Today at donington park will see simon Horrobin make a return to the 4two cup after a years break racing fiestas. All the usual suspects will be back out this year

So here is to some good weather for the test tomorrow.

Watch this space for news on the test tomorrow…

Trackdriver Issue 6 smart S4R Report

July 4th, 2011 by alisonpepler.

Issue 6 of track driver magazine has got a great report on the race cars. Go online and sign up for a copy today.

Tyre and fuel tests at Tockwith

April 15th, 2011 by alisonpepler.

Smarts 4 You Racing headed up to Tockwith circuit for a two day test and shakedown of two new cars.

At a mainly dry track the cars ran well over both days and two drivers already signed up for the series came along with their SR4 race cars for some added testing.  This also gave the team at Smarts 4 You Racing a chance to evaluate how the cars perform.

Paul Bates said: ‘Tyre wear was extremely low and fuel for the four cars over two days, with about ten hours on track per car was about 100 litres.’

Eighteen people came along to the Northern circuit to try out the cars and enjoyed driving them.  Four more cars have now been sold for the 4two cup which gets underway on May 6th at Donington Park.

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IMG_1155_SMsmart race carsIMG_1285_SMIMG_1187_SMIMG_1244_SMIMG_1287_SMIMG_1192_smIMG_1256_SMIMG_1156_SMIMG_1168_SMIMG_1189_SMIMG_1227_SMIMG_1352_SMIMG_1191_SMIMG_1273_SMIMG_1314_SMIMG_1254_SMIMG_1154_SM

Final test before the start of the season

March 31st, 2011 by alisonpepler.

We will be at Tockwith Autodrome with four of the new race cars for a final shake down before the start of the season. If you are looking for a drive this season and fancy either an arrive and drive package or would like to purchase one of the race cars then please contact me to arrange a day convenient to you. You will have the opportunity to try the cars on Tockwith’s private 1.2mile track and discuss the options available.
Dates:    Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th April 2011
Time:    From 9am – 5pm both days
Venue:    Tockwith Autodrome, Tockwith, York YO26 7QF
RSVP: / Tel: 020 8166 1989


A very wet lap of Silverstone Full GP circuit

March 16th, 2011 by alisonpepler.

Ladies Day – A different sort of horsepower

March 15th, 2011 by alisonpepler.

Smarts4youRacing invited some of the UK’s top female racers to test the new smart racecar at a revamped Donington Park circuit in Leicestershire. Despite the very cold weather, the ladies all seemed pretty impressed with the diminutive car and a few were keen to test it again.

17 year old racer Jade Paveley was the youngest ever driver to take part in a UK 24 hour race and seemed quite taken with the BRABUS.

“It’s a good little car, different to what I’ve driven before, but quite powerful for its size.  I’d like to have a go again as I really enjoyed driving it!”

Jo Polley is used to racing Minis, but found the smart quite different to drive.

“It’s really good to drive and different to anything I’ve ever driven before, being rear wheel drive and also having a paddle shift gear gearbox.  It sticks to the track, handles nicely and even though it doesn’t have a lot of power it’s still quite nippy!”

Cassey Watson has raced quite an array of different cars and last year was driving another small racer, the Fiat Abarth.

“I really enjoyed driving it and it’s a fun little car, great fun!  The brakes are fantastic and there is an unbelievable amount of grip.  Last year I was driving the Abarth, which I would say is most similar as a car, but it does behave a lot differently. Obviously it’s a lot smaller and has a shorter wheelbase, but the handling is very good compared to a lot of things I’ve driven.”

With a few of the ladies keen to test the car again and with plenty of media interest in the day, Paul at smarts4youracing was pleased with how things went.

“The ladies day in my opinion went very well, even though we had a very sick car and the other had a problem. All the ladies seemed to be very surprised by the car; the speed, handling and the brakes. At least 5 have asked to test the car again and that tells you something!”

Tockwith Motorsports Test Day

January 26th, 2011 by alisonpepler.

After a very busy and successful Autosport International Show, where the UK’s first smart car race series was unveiled, the 4two cup organisers headed up North so that a team could get to grips with the pint sized car.

Co-founder, Paul Bates said: ‘We were approached by Simon Moore, owner of Tockwith Motor Sport at the show to test the smart. We went up to Tockwith, which is Simon’s private track, so that the family could try out the 4two BRABUS race car.’

The Moore family has a rich racing pedigree and two champions took to the track to put the smart through it’s paces.  Nigel, the current Formula Palmer Audi Champion and younger sibling Sarah, 2009 Ginetta Junior Champion felt at home in it.

Sarah commented: ‘It’s a small car and the wheelbase is so short, it’s like ragging a kart around, but a big one!  It’s a fun car to drive and I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was.’

The race car is also road legal, so has many uses away from the track, which is what has appealed to the business side of Simon’s company.   Head of the family, Simon said: ‘It’s not a raw racing machine, but the handling is fantastic, the car is good and it has three uses: driver training, motor sport and general car, which can work well for us.’

With the series aimed not just at youngsters, looking at the next affordable level of racing, but drivers that have wanted to race and couldn’t afford to, the founders of the 4two cup hope to have a cross spectrum of drivers on the grid.

Simon added: ‘Youngsters will love it to bits, as I could tell from my lot.  Nigel, being that bit older will look upon it like it didn’t do what he wanted to do, gear change wise.  But like the rest of us as hardened racers, if you put ten of them on a grid the racing would be very close, like karting and he’d come back with a big beaming smile!’

With news on Sarah’s racing plans for 2011 still to be announced, she admitted that the series was one she is considering. ‘Being on the Britcar package, which is something I’d like to do in the future would be ideal for me.  Racing around in smart cars might make some people laugh, but some will find it really entertaining!’

The endurance element is a side to the car that Simon would be keen to go down.  ‘I’d like to do something on the endurance side as I think it would be unique and  completely different and one that would excite us as a team.’

The test ended well into the late afternoon, as it proved to be popular amongst the entire family, with them all taking turns driving the car around.

Paul Bates concluded: ‘The test went really well and in my opinion their overall impressions were that they thought the car was great; the handling, brakes and that it was a fun car to drive.  Hopefully we can get them onboard this year.’

Snow Stops Play

December 2nd, 2010 by alisonpepler.

We have just been notified by Gold track that the test day at Brands Hatch on Sunday is cancelled.
I can’t think why!!!

Anyone who was attending please contact us to put yourself on the list for Silverstone Full GP circuit on Sunday 12th December.

Saturday Test at Goodwood

November 15th, 2010 by alisonpepler.

We spent the day testing the car on it’s new tyres. New in every way, Size and make. What an amazing difference this has made to the car. Making the tyres smaller means we can get the car lower and closer to the track, giving us the ability to play with the suspension and ride height even more. We had quite a few potential clients out in the car and none of them could believe the stability and grip levels being generated. I think we managed to upset a few drivers in there much more expensive and powerful Super cars, too the point that they would not let us pass. But point proved, the car is very well balanced and with enough grip to have a hell of a lot of fun.

Looking forward to Race Car Live now… See you there…

III_9179_SMIII_9093_SMAAD_1322_SMADV_2887_SMEarls_Court_Retouch_SMsmarts car at GoodwoodADV_2886_SM